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Build Your Own Pizza

Create your own pizza! Primetime Pizza offers you over twenty fresh, premium quality toppings to choose from as you make the call on your own pizza creation.



•Artichoke Hearts* •Garlic • Bell Peppers •Onions •Green Onions •Mushrooms
•Jalapeños •Black Olives •Pineapple •Tomatoes •Canadian Bacon •Ground Beef
•Bacon •Salami •Chicken* •Italian Sausage •Pepperoni •Mozzarella Cheese
•Linguica* •Anchovies

*Charged as two toppings

18" Mega Pizza 
16" Extra Large

14" Large Pizza​

12" Medium Pizza​

10" Small Pizza 
8" Mini Pizza

Store Hours & Delivery

Monday - Thursday 11am - 9pm

  • Delivery ends at 8:30 pm

Friday-Sunday: 11am - 10pm

  • Delivery ends at 9:30

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