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Our Story

Anytime is the right time for Primetime!  My husband and I grew up in the Marysville area, but moved away for awhile during and after college.  We have always been heavily involved in the public schools; myself as an agriculture/science teacher and my husband as a teacher/coach.  In 1997, after devoting our lives to the Ripon Football Team and the Ripon FFA for several years, we decided to make the move back to our roots in Marysville.  Shortly after we move back one Saturday afternoon, we went to our niece’s birthday party at Pizza Hut in Yuba City.  We sat in that restaurant and asked ourselves “why did our whole family come to Yuba City for a pizza party when we all live on the other side of the bridge?” The answer was simple, there was no pizza place in Marysville.  As we drove home that evening, my husband and I both noticed the old famous “Shakey’s Pizza” building dilapidated & vacant.  A spark was ignited.  I called an old friend that I had worked for at Pizza Round Up years ago.  My husband, and myself, partnered with my friend and her husband to develop and implement a plan for the old Shakey’s.  We wanted to have a hometown quality pizza place, with sports being our focus.  Marysville is a melting pot of many sports, both team and extreme.  Our goal was, and still is, to focus on providing a family fun atmosphere catering to the sports enthusiasts.

Primetime Pizza opened its doors in March of 2000 in Marysville, California.  Since the beginning, Primetime has made its dough from scratch daily in our own kitchen.  We use only premium grade flour in our wonderful dough recipe.  We carefully allow our dough time to rise, creating Primetime’s famous crust.  We use almost 1 full pound of 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese on our large 14” pizza.  Our pizza sauce is again made in our kitchen and is a special blend made with Stanislaus premium tomato products, herbs and spices.  Our meats are only top quality great tasting fresh products.  We use only fresh vegetables to top our pizza.

In March of 2006, the partnership was dissolved leaving myself and my husband sole owners of Primetime Pizza, since that time we have worked hard to develop and implement systems to better serve the employees, the customers and the community.

In June of 2007, Neil and I decided it was time for Primetime to come to Wheatland and that we did. We quickly found a vacant unit in the Settler’s Village shopping center and went to work developing and building out our Wheatland Primetime Pizza. Our goal in Wheatland was to become an integral part of the community serving the needs of the families that call Wheatland home.  We believe in supporting not only those families but also the families of all the Wheatland students and athletes.  We strive hard to continually give back to the community and understand that our business is not only there to provide a need for those families but to help build the Wheatland community and beyond into a better place!  We truly feel that Primetime Pizza is “your hometown pizza place”!

In May of 2012, Neil and I sadly decided to close the doors of the Marysville Primetime.  After 12 years of business, we decided to focus primarily on our Wheatland location.  This decision was certainly a struggle for us to make, but we feel it was solidified after Neil got a part time teaching position and the head football coaching job at Wheatland High School.  With Neil and I both teaching and coaching in Wheatland, it left little time to orchestrate the Marysville store.  After much blood, sweat and tears we left that brick building on the corner in hopes that we could focus more of our energy in Wheatland where our family works and plays!

–Shelli Stinson

Primetime Pizza Mission

“Anytime is the right time for Primetime!”

At Primetime Pizza we all share a common mission: “to provide the best pizza in the Yuba-Sutter area along with a fun and memorable experience.” We invest in our people because great people run great operations that will exceed our customer’s expectations. We strive to maintain the friendly, honest atmosphere found in our hometown pizza place.  We want you to feel at home when you visit us! Our place is your place!
Primetime Pizza prides itself on great tasting food at a fair price with a passion for customer satisfaction.  Our restaurant is themed around sports.  We provide an awesome place for all local sports teams to gather as well as providing a fabulous place for business meetings and family social gatherings.  Our motto is “Anytime is the right time for Primetime!”

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday 11am - 9pm

  • Delivery ends at 8:30 pm

Friday-Sunday: 11am - 10pm

  • Delivery ends at 9:30

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